Benefits And Importance Of Ashtanga Namaskar - Part 1

What are the benefits of Ashtanga Namaskar?

1. Surya Namaskar Asana (Sun Salutation) - The Power-Packed 12 Poses This dynamic asana, also known as Sun Salutation, comprises 12 postures, each offering unique benefits. Central to the practice is the salutation of the Sun god, the source of all energy. The diverse poses work together to sculpt a fit and fine body.

2. Gym vs. Ashtanga Namaskar - A Comprehensive Fitness Solution Derive all the benefits of cardio workouts, such as aerobics and running, through Ashtanga Namaskar. This yoga pose provides a cost-effective alternative to the gym, flexing your body and offering internal and external massages for purification and power generation.

3. Heart Health and Beyond - Ashtanga Namaskar's Beautiful Gift to Your Body Tone your heart, cardiac muscles, and arteries with this beneficial asana. The synchronized breathing in the 12 specific poses expels toxins, creating a beautiful gift for your overall well-being. Chanting Mantras enhances the synergy within your body.

4. Mindful Meditation - A Radiant Face and Confidence Boost Experience heightened awareness of the world through meditative practice. As the mind and body collaborate, your soul lightens up, reflecting in your radiant face. This exercise extends beyond physical fitness, fostering an understanding of inner chakras and concentration levels.

5. Mastery through Practice - Ashtanga Namaskar for the Stamina-Bound An elaborate asana requiring dedicated practice, it suits individuals with good stamina and no health issues like blood pressure, heart disease, or hernia. Consult your doctor and yoga instructor before attempting this transformative pose.

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